We have an assortment of kayaks, canoes and mountain bikes and camping gear for rent. We have rentals by by the hour or by the day or week. We can provide boats and bikes for group outings. If you and your group are looking for a unique adventure, call us and let us help you arrange a memorable experience.

We started the business in 2015 on a very limited scale in order to explore the market potential. After 2 years of limited operations, we decided this year to make a total commitment to building the business by expanding our inventory, services offered and marketing. Our base of operations is on our farm, Deer Park Haven, which we are developing as an agro-tourism destination. We have 11 acres that are zoned for outdoor recreation where we are in the process of developing recreational tree climbing facilities as well as trails and primitive and private, day use campsites. We are committed to sustainable, low consumption tourism activities and see the recreational aspect of our business as an important component in our project and mission to educate and encourage people in exploring sustainable options in all areas of their lives i.e. growing their own food, lowering their carbon footprint by reducing consumption, and a large component of this is low impact recreational activities.

Canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, mountain bikes, camping gear, snowshoes, skis, snowboards, camp stoves, tents, camping air mattress, group packages, nature walks, bed and breakfast, day use wilderness campsites, Artisan workshops, local First Nations art by master carver Carl Stromquist, wilderness excursions, recreational tree climbing, wildcrafting mushrooms and medicinal plants are parts of the overall experience that we will be offering through Sasquatch Moon Outdoors and Deer Park Haven Farm.